The Shadow From Below was made for LudumDare 40, with the theme of "The more you have, the worse it is." It's a dice placement game inspired by games like Tharsis, themed around an Antarctic research expedition that uncovers a city far below the ice. You need to acquire relics from the digsite to make the expedition worth it, but each makes it harder to handle the various crises that uncovering such an eldritch place unleashed

Instructions/How To Play:

At the end of the game, you need to have more money from relics than was lost on base repairs and the deaths of members of the expedition. Each crisis that isn't resolved adds $100 to your costs, and each death adds $100. Each relic gives you $100 in profit, or an additional $200 if you research it in the Dome.

To move, click on a character's card, and then click on a room in the base. Each room has a special ability, as does each character that may take specific dice and/or resources. Of particular focus is the digsite: this is where you acquire your relics, and the dome, where you learn what they do.

You can click and drag dice once you roll them using the button. Dice in the Dice Hold are not rerolled if you click the roll button again, and you can drag the dice to any of the glowing squares to use them there. Crises in rooms need a total value of dice added, and each die reduces it, while other abilities may require specific die values, or dice with a certain value, denoted with an arrow pointing up.


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